Eco School

Eco School

Eco school is always looking for ways to improve the environment of the school. To do this an Eco Council is selected and they meet twice a term to discuss how we can be environmentally friendly.

Our Eco Council is made up of representatives from each class, a secretary from the oldest class in the school, Mrs. Dixon (Co-Ordinator), Mrs. McFarland (Caretaker) and Mrs. Baxter (Cook).

Last year, we earned our Green Eco School Flag. We look at ten Eco Areas which are:




Healthy Living

School Grounds


Climate Change

Global Perspective



Most recently the school made an application, through the NGO challenge, for fundung that could help improve the school environment and to enhance the childrens learning. During the spring term we will be planting in our new poly tunnel, searching for wildlife around our new pond and much more.